SK Upholstery Services offers complete furniture restoration services for both institutional and commercial concerns.

Performance guidelines for upholstery fabric intended for commercial applications were established by the Association for Contract Textiles (ACT), a nonprofit trade organization made up primarily of the companies that supply fabric to the contract market.

ACT developed voluntary performance guidelines to make fabric specifications easier. As indicated by five symbols, the guidelines give architects, designers, and end users information on the performance of flammability; wet and dry cracking; colorfastness to light; physical properties of pilling, breaking strength and seam slippage; and abrasion.

The guidelines utilize the test methods established by ASTM and the American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists (AATCC) with an increase in the level of performance and/or the addition of more strenuous test criteria.

The ACT symbols placed on fabrics provide assurance to specifiers that the fabrics have performed to commercial standards and pass all applicable testing.

Government and Military Upholstery

At SK Upholstery, we can accommodate virtually type of upholstery work. Government and Military are certainly no exceptions.


Institutional and Commercial Upholstery

Office Furniture

Office chairs usually take a beating from every day use. Have special fabrics that have a high double rub count, that will withstand the every day use they will get.

Library before

Library after

Church Pews and Seating

Whether you are wanting to have your pews upholstered or re-upholstered we can take on any size project you have. Will discuss the different options you will have with foam and fabrics.

Dental Chairs – Medical Furniture

We have fabrics that can be used specifically for your type of environment. Fabrics that have Antimicrobial/Antibacterial protection and a anti-stain/easy cleaning finish. They are also manufactured to meet many flame retardant specifications.

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