Frequently Asked Questions

We try to anticipate questions you might have about our PRODUCT / SERVICE and provide the answers here. If you need additional information send email to scott@furniturerecover.com

1. Is it less expensive to recover my furniture than to buy new?

Sometimes it is and sometimes it isn’t. If the piece of furniture you are looking to have redone has a good wood frame that is structurally sound, that is a good starting point to have it reupholstered. A lot of furniture you buy now is poorly built. The foam they put in the new furniture does not hold up. It is amazing how many people come into my shop to have their foam replaced in the seat cushions only after two years. The foam that we use is high density foam. What does that mean? That means that the foam has more material in it, than air. Then the quality of the workman ship will speak for itself.

2. Can I get my own Fabric?

Yes you can. But we have a show room full of sample books from about 11 different vendors. We also have a wall of extra fabric that was purchased and is sold at a discounted price.

3. Do you Pick up and Deliver?

Pick up and delivery is free of charge.

4. How long will the reupholster take?

It really depends upon what you are wanting to get reupholstered. I will not start your job until I have your fabric in my shop. Once I have the fabric, then I will call and set up a time to pick up your furniture. In most cases you will be without your furniture for 3-4 days.

5. Outside patio furniture?

We do all types of patio furniture. Can redo what you currently have. Or if you need something custom made to fit your needs, we can do that. Sunbrella fabrics has an large selection of outdoor fabrics to choose from. Especially made for outdoor use.

6. Do you offer any type of warranties?

2 years on workmanship and whatever the manufacture warranty on the fabric would be.

7. Do you repair tents / awnings?

Yes we can.

8. Do you offer samples?

We would highly recommend you take the sample books home. Mainly to see what the fabrics look like in your home. It is hard for people to visualize the lighting and colors you have in your home compared to the lighting I have in my show room. Once you have chosen a fabric, if you need to see a larger piece we can order a memo sample. Approximately 18″ x 18″

9. Do you do custom work?

Yes we do. We can modify the shape or design on any piece of furniture. Or if you need something custom made to fit your needs, we can do that.